Aegean 800

The Aegean 800 was designed for the pros. With an enormous deck and numerous customizing capabilities can be the perfect partner for a diving center or become a sea taxi or a search & rescue vessel or even the perfect excuse for a comfortable trip to the islands. The large console has enough space for all electronics and gauges and can “hide” both driver and co-driver. The back seat can carry with safety four persons. The storage compartments are simply endless and the hull is prepared for rough seas and heavy usage, with no compromise in speed or comfort. Ready for powerful engines and heavy loads, it’s the pro’s indisputable choice with 3 year warranty for the hull and air tubes.

Standard Features

• Total Length 8.05 m

• Total Width 3.00 m

• Internal Length 6.90 m

• Internal Width 1.75 m

• Weight 1400 Kg

• Cabin Apartments 7

• Diameter of Balloons 38 – 60 cm

• Balloon Material Hypalone Neoprene Orca 1170 Deniers

• Maximum Power 350 Hp

• Recommended Power 250 – 275 Hp

• Minimum Power 225 Hp

• Bow Dead Rise Transom 55 degrees

• Stern Dead Rise Transom 26 degrees

• Fuel Tank 220 Lt

• Water Tank 130 Lt

• Passengers 8

• European Class C

Standard Equipment


Inox Roll Bar Inox Console

Console Windshield

Steering wheel

Steering Mechanism

Steering Tie Rod

Electrical Panel with 6 Switches

Fuel Index

Water Indicator

Hypalone Neoprene 1200 Denier inner tubes

Anti-slip Protective Strip along the entire length of the balloons

7 Air Chamber Handles

Breakwater 9 cm

Electric Bilge Pump

Navigation Lights With Sail

Round Lantern With Sail Φ50

Fuel Tank 220 Lt

Water Tank 130 Lt

Damper Dampers

Tabuki Downloaders with Lock

Stern sofa

Ploris pillow

Driver / Passenger Seat

Console Seat


Raoulos Ankaras

Destra Anchor Rope

Electrical Worker

8 Rope pullers

4 stainless steel rods

Polyester Dolphin Box

Polyester Staircase

Polyester Auxiliary Machine Base

Inox ladder

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