Aegean 545

A tourist boat that will give you perfectly sense of safety and certainty. A boat where with the simplicity of his design will travel you to near or far destinations for sports or relaxation.

Standard Features

• Overall Length 4.99 m (5.40 m)

• Total Width 2.05 m

• Internal Length 4.87 m

• Internal Width 1.16 m

• Weight 380 Kg

• Airlock Apartments 4

• Diameter of Balloons 45 – 46 cm

• Balloon Material Hypalone Neoprene Orca 1170 Deniers

• Maximum Power 140 Hp

• Recommended Power 90 Hp

• Minimum Power 70 Hp

• Bow Dead Rise Transom 49 degrees

• Stern Dead Rise Transom 24 degrees

• Fuel Tank 1×103 Lt

• Storage Space 1400 Lt

• Storage Apartments 7

• Passengers 8

• European Category C (B*)

*on request

Standard Equipment​

Variable Position Console

Semi-upright Driver – Passenger Seat

Inox Console Roll Bar

Console Windshield

Steering wheel

Steering Mechanism

Steering Tie Rod

Electrical Panel with 6 Switches

Fuel Index

Hypalone Neoprene 1200 Denier inner tubes

Anti-slip Protective Strip along the entire length of the balloons

3 Air Chamber Handles

Breakwater 9 cm

Electric Bilge Pump

Navigation lights

Round Lantern With Sail

Fuel Tank 103 Lt

Tabuki Downloaders with Lock

Raoulos Ankaras

Destra Anchor Rope

6 Rope pullers

4 stainless steel rods

Polyester Dolphin Box

Tabuki Fridge on the Floor

Additional Equipment

Fore Squab

Inox ladder

Polyester Air-Chamber Covers

Polyester Bimini Top with Depth Gauge Position


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